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Septic Tank Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair in Eastern Ontario

Valley Sanitation Services Ltd. owns three vacuum trucks (3000 gallons, 4000 gallons and 2000 gallons) to better serve you.

We are an active member of the OASIS (Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services) and of the OOWA (Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association). We also attend annual conferences to keep updated on what's new in the industry. This in turn allows us to better serve our clients.

It is recommended that your tank be pumped every three to four years, depending on the size of your tank, the number of occupants in your home and the amount of litres discharged per day. Pumping out your tank on a regular basis helps prevent sewage backup, helps the tile bed from getting clogged, removes accumulated solids and helps to prevent septic system failure. If there are any obvious problems with your septic tank, we identify them on our invoice.

vacuum trucks
Valley Sanitation Services equipment

We’re also equipped to:

  • Install filters
  • Locate septic tanks and beds
  • Provide emergency weekend/holiday service
  • Repair the centre wall
  • Replace baffles, new lids and risers

To help protect our environment, we also dispose the septage of the City of Ottawa, the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre and the City of Brockville Water Pollution Control Centre.

Valley Sanitation Services Water Pollution Control
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